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Originally Posted by El Gato Liso View Post
it is an excuse, under the right circumstances. tuition has gone up so much, this entire school cost me about $8000, out of my own pocket. i dont have osap and im paying for this thing myself! then theres commuting costs on top of that. i dont make a lot right now lol...i only work 4 days/week!

im trying to my best to keep my e30 going good, and this time, im doing what i didnt do right, right. i want the head and block, thats it no accessories. people wanted more than 600 for it, all in the low to mid 200k kms! no thanks.
dude I agree on the outrageous prices some people ask, and its laughable, but the other end of the spectrum is no better.

I drove beaters for 3 years going through school, scraped by and all, but it builds character, you'll end up a better person in the end.

plus I bet your learning more working on your car then you are in class!

shouldn't your build % be at 0.5% now that you have found the motor?
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