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it is an excuse, under the right circumstances. tuition has gone up so much, this entire school cost me about $8000, out of my own pocket. i dont have osap and im paying for this thing myself! then theres commuting costs on top of that. i dont make a lot right now lol...i only work 4 days/week! i dont even drink much....especially since my mothers cousin died of liver failure, dude his skin was yellow. that made me feel queasy...

im trying to my best to keep my e30 going good, and this time, im doing what i didnt do right, right. i want the head and block, thats it no accessories. people wanted more than 600 for it, all in the low to mid 200k kms! no thanks. btw, that one guy was selling the m52+ ZF tranny for 400 with "250k" kms, but pm'd me saying hes got one for $500 @ 200k kms. i said dude its the same engine in that thread, because he posted it himself! he never replied to me after...sooooo ya.

and **** ya i want to autoX more, i want to put the billy sports to the test!
R.I.P. E30

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