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Originally Posted by El Gato Liso View Post
^not when you're in school full time and are a broke student rich!

plus, im not paying 1000$ for this engine...and i dont want one with high kms.

i found one last night. picking it up this weekend! low miles and the right price for a broke student!
Broke student excuse LOL So love that one, I was a student, payed my way through school without OSAP but never thought I should be granted special treatment on the value of something. Its a bargaining excuse used to try and get something cheaper. Its like the "well I live this far so the price should be cheaper" line. ya cause last time I checked a big mac is cheaper because I have to drive 10 minutes compared to the guy who lives across the street. (I haven't had Mc D's is 7 years just an example disclaimer)

guess the point to my rant is your a great guy Rob, love seeing you out at the events, never said pay $1000, but I beleive someone offered you a motor for $300 - $350. Broke students can afford more with a weekend or two of no drinking. Try Mortgage, wife, 2 new cars and baby due in July, and went to school, that's an even better excuse, but its not used. I'll give someone the best price for something and they will still try and ask for more off, or meet me half way, ya cause the $10 I am going to make off a $20 sale that someone else wants you to pay $40 I'll give up my afternoon for that.

that being said a good M52 should be $350-$600 that's what I would sell it for. don't' have one in the shop right now but you never called me to ask, shame on you, cause you know if I have it you woulda got a great price lol

Anyway get that motor done cause I want to see you out this summer in the E30 not the folks E46!!!

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