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Ok, so I went to Alphawerx and I can't say enough good things about Darren. He is an all around amazing guy: professional, thorough, patient, very approachable, and very, very friendly. I am taking my car for repairs to him from now on.

Before I took my car to a very popular shop and they were very professional too, but Darren's is much friendlier. He inspected my car for 1.5hrs and I forgot to pay him and he didn't mention the payment! He even went to test drive it (the other shop did not), and found the vibration and pulling problem I noticed, but I did not tell him so he observed the same thing on his own. (The other shop did not find these problems because they did not test drive the car, and only did an in-shop inspection.) He even allowed me in the shop to show me what is wrong (unlike the other shop), and he told me what is priority and what it is not. His prices are cheaper too.

If you are looking for a mechanic, you really have to give Darren a try.

Alphawerx does body repairs too, but if you are looking for body repairs you have to try Impera (Rick Impera). He is by far the nicest person I've dealt with (apart from Darren) in a very, very long time! He was so nice, I immediately knew I wanted to deal with him. His prices are very reasonable too. Mister John quoted me $700-$800 for the rear pumper, Prochilo Brothers, quoted me $400-$500; I can't remember Rick's quote but I do remember it was cheaper! He even told me to try to fix one of the bumpers on my own because it looks like it is an easy fix, and if I can't do it then bring it to him and he will help me out! He quoted me $550 for painting both M bumpers and M side mirrors--not bad, I would say. I think he has a 5 years warranty with his body work, and he has over 30 years experience. Must give Rick a try specially that the estimate is free (as is with all body shops).

Colorworks is another body shop you won't regret dealing with.

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