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Originally Posted by HavocSteve View Post
^^^ me as well. My MS3 is 261hp and 275trq. Mine tops at 15psi on the boost gauge.

How long has KIA been boosting cars for? I'd be worried about reliability on such a big step from NA cars to boosted. I know Mazda has been boosting cars since the first speed3 was made (early 2000ish).
Well not Kia, but Hyundai has been boosting for a while, ie genesis 2.0 Turbo. This engine is an evolution of that motor using a Mitsubishi TD04 turbo. I was concerned about it a bit at first but the more I think about it; with a 10 year warranty I really shouldn't have too.

Originally Posted by Quack
Who said you can take pictures in front of my building, gtfo
At least it wont be your building much longer.

Originally Posted by EMPOWERD
That's what he was doing while we were patiently waiting for him! Bastard!

On a side note, I had a chance to drive the car (er truck) yesterday and was pretty impressed. Very torquey motor with smooth power delivery. Suspension feels tight and communicative and the interior is very stylish and bright.. very open feeling. My only complaint is the over-boosted electric steering. Turning the wheel at a stand-still feels the same as doing 70km/h. That's where Honda's years of experience shines with their cars... Korea needs to play catchup!
I looked it up and it is electric power assisted. Could use some fine tuning but they will get there. Its not like im taking this thing on the track or anything that's what the E36 is for.

Originally Posted by 5style
i didn't scroll at first and started reading, and from a glimpse a portion of the pic i thought to myself with horror, a caliber.

But its not, good choice. I will never dig new cars, too much tech, not enough simplicity
Thanks! But you should know me better than to think I would buy a domestic.

Originally Posted by T.Dot_E30
Congrats on the new car/cuv, I test drove the non turbo a year ago when we were looking, wish the turbo was out then. Seems decent, but IMO I was expecting lower prices from KIA, they aren't really any cheaper they just offer better financing, hope you got a good deal!
I did alright but I'm dutch so a good deal is never good enough. We were looking at a Nissan rouge that would have been quite a bit cheaper(the sales guy had offered us a 2500 discount before we even started negotiating, desperate?), but had no styling emotion, let alone power. Although the SX is a notch higher in price; and higher still if you add a few more options like nav etc, but I think its justified given its direct competition with respect to power and styling. A few more minor tweaks and handling will be top as well. The biggest deficiency, compared to other brands, is really just the interior cargo volume. The Sportage is a bit on the smaller side with around 1500cubic liters as opposed to most others around 1700-2000. Next time it is at the "auto salom" you are welcome to take it for a spin.

Originally Posted by SiR
congrats on the new ride. very nice.
hyundai/kia are making great cars these days.
Im hoping you kept the e36?
Thanks. I don't think I will, or could, ever sell the E36. Its scheduled for some shop time in the next week or so. Hoping to break 400RWHP on the next dyno.

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