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Originally Posted by bmwm5lover View Post
thanks for the clarification. Seems like a lot of work for very little performance improvement, but I can understand doing something unique though as the motive behind it. Personally I would just drop in a bigger motor or turbo.

Good luck with it though. NA power is my preference (if $ feasible) vs FI, but FI can be cheap power.
you are 100% right

dont forget that with swaps and turbo/sc builds in most cases the diff is upgraded for top end speed. i'm keeping my gear ratio.. im not looking to build a fast car.. im trying to build a quick car. My plan is to keep my 4.10 gears with the added power/tq. this will help with my autox and small/medium sized tracks times. it will be a fun car to drive... but not a fast one.

lets look at some rough costs for FI upgrades

DASC for the m42 give or take $3000 new 2k used aprox 200hp
a turbo build on the low end with used parts and standalone/piggyback $1500-$2000.. high end new parts 4k with 200-220hp @ 7psi

if i were to go low end just itb and standalone (pnp megasquirt) approx $1200 with a gain of maybe 20hp

add the cam $400
11 or 12:1 pistons $800
engine rebuild $1500 give or take

give or take total $3900 and i believe close to 200hp

these are all rough numbers i have been seeing from my research over the past year wondering what type of build i wanted to do...

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