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The new daily - Warning - NON BMW

Well I replaced the E36 with a proper daily driver. Not to say the E36 is not daily-able, because it is, just that we need something with a bit more cargo space and air conditioning.

So we picked up a 2012 Kia Sportage SX coloured Black Cherry. I know its a Kia but it is really not bad at all. It drives quite nice, albeit a tad numb, due to electronic assisted steering. It comes with a whole bunch of standard features like heated seats, keyless entry and start, 18' rims, etc. We added the optional panoramic sunroof and the UVO(Microsoft infotainment) package as well.

It has a decent power plant. The SX uses the 2.0 Turbo direct injection mill from the new Optima. So it is putting out approximately 260HP and 269ftlb. I can say it is decently quick while having normal I4 gas mileage. I should further state it also gets this power from 87 octane. I believe the boost is somewhere around 17.5 with 9.5:1 compression. Car and driver tested it doing 0-60 in 6.1-6.4 secs. I read elsewhere that the 1/4 is something like 14.7sec. Not that I am going to be racing anyone its just nice to be able to pass if needed.

On top of all that I think, both inside and out, that it looks rather good. It is really hard to make out the colour in pics. Really you need to see it in person in direct sunlight to see any sort of hue, otherwise it just looks black. There is a lot of hard plastic on the inside but good textures and contrast (ours has orange for seat stitching, and door inserts). Ill add some inside pics soon, for now just this one.
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