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Scored a Porter Cable 7424

I LOVE when this happens.

I finally got myself a 97 328 cabrio last week and have been nerding out on all types of forums trying to educate myself on what's what bmw stylo.

Come to find this forum and been hanging out for a while reading the stickies and faqs before I start asking stupid questions....anyway I'm rambling

So I kept seeing this Porter Cable model coming up all over the place and I finally saw a picture of it.

Looked very similar to a tool that I inherited a few years ago and never even took the time to double check what it was. I assumed it was some cheap angle grinder and I already have a couple nice ones so it was shelved.

I go to search for it and sure enough it's a 7424!!! Niiiiice!

I can't see any way of identifying who makes the backing plate. I measured it at 6".

Does anyone see any problems using it?
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