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I bought 2 sets of rims from that place before I realized how stupid I was...the first set were 18x8's which I purchased for roughly 1100 including tires, I literally threw them in a dumpster after I found out they were warped, the paint was coming off of them and the "great quality" no name tires were infact poor quality s**t tires that blew while driving 50 down Kennedy road in Brampton (left front tire)...the second set were fast Europa rims 18x8 in the front, 18x9 in the back, with Bridgestone potenzas all around. The rims were definitely better quality but I was given the wrong offset which somehow ended up rubbing the inside of my wheel well also blowing that tire, I since have sold them and put back the oem basically I've had a bad experience with their inexperienced staff you could say. Your better off going to an active green and Ross believe me
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