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Well now that I've pulled the car out of storage I'm starting to work on it during the time that I can't work on my stroker motor. Last year I had a goal for this year of 300+rwhp however that was before I decided to dive into this stroker project. Seeing as that project is sucking up a good amount of money, my goal for this car for now is to just get it all buttoned up, insured and on the road so that once I'm done building my motor I can pull the other car off the road and start working on the swap.

Working towards getting the car on the road, yesterday I swapped in some less weathered front suspension bits. This is the stuff I pulled from my car when I installed the GC coilovers plus another set of housings I bought...

And this is what it replaced...

Now that I've got the breaks and suspension more or less done I just have to clean up the car and do a bit of wiring and it should be good to go. Then of course I have to tune it.
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