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Originally Posted by Wuzie View Post
If I were you, I'd put the plate in the stock location. Cover the ugly no filler thing you have there lol.

And if youre gonna do the jdm style plate, atleast put it straight or run no plate at all and get a german plate like me!

Welcome btw, nice car especially if the wheels came with it, congratz. Hope to see this fellow 4 door around town
yea, i have just currently sprayed that spot, i want to do a rear bumper trim on the front, shave signals and relocate, and yea i was gonna remount the plate somehow so its straight, but seeing as itll be a while till i start cleaning it up i figured i might as well rock "hoodride" haha

and id rock no front plate if i didnt just get a ticket for it a month ago with my shit beater regal you can see in the background in a picture
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