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Originally Posted by egye30 View Post
welcome to max man, 4 doors ftw

what kind of idle problems? almost alll e30s have whacky idle problems at some point in their lives with some variations of symptoms. Anything from Vaccum leaks, bad MAFs, and/or idle valves (my scenario with my old m20) , or even crank/o2 sensors, check the plugs and wires too, or even the distributor.. as they have all been some of many culprits of idle problems with some e30s.

looks like a good bang for your buck, congrats, i will see you around once mine's back on the road

it idles awesome now! a little bit of a burp here and there but nothing like it was before, i went up one day before i bought it and we screwed around with some stuff, flipped the afm and that seemed to have changed it quite a bit, and wiggled some plugs and whatnot!
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