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Finally apart of the e30 family! Introduction

Hey everyone, i am happy to say that i am finally apart of the e30 family! Ive been changing through vehicles like nobodies business because i havent found what ive been looking for, but having a soft spot for e30s i have finally picked one up and found what i have been looking for!

I joined the forums about a week ago to do research and whatnot and see what i was getting myself into, and i have to say the vibe is a ton better than any other forum ive ever been on.

So i bought myself a 1987 325i for $980, i know shes pretty tired with having 373,000 kms on er, but its a bimmer so im not too concerned! It needs a little bit of work such as body, the rear brake is rubbing and you can definately feel it, interior work(carpets pretty gross, black front leathers and tan everything else thats cracked) but all in all, i love er! Such an awesome feeling, almost like being in a cock pit in a jet if that makes any sense to others.

Future plans:
Bumper tuck, lamin x head lights, rear bumper trim on front bumper and relocate signals and plate, body work + satin black, all suspension(not sure yet), Try to figure out a way to do mono wiper, all black interior with a dark red/ maroon headliner + b & c pillars, remove muffler and straight pipes out.

Stuff ive done within the past few days with bs snow:
All red tails, working on the idle, cleaned up some wiring.

I cant do a whole lot as i have no tools, and dont get my first pay of the year for another 3 weeks to buy needed material.

Clean rockers
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