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Originally Posted by striderg3 View Post
call my friend Perry. mention me "strider" and you'll get a special rate
he does jobs on site for most people.
he fixed up the rim on my e350 and it looks new.
it was curb rashed like hell.

plus he can change rotors breaks and whatever else you want done on your vehicles.
Your Buddy should be more upfront with customers. There is a difference between actually "Refinishing Rims" and "Touching Rims up"

Don't claim to have "Refinished a Rim" if you haven't taken the tires off, stripped the rim down and physically refinished the rim. Masking off the tire on the rim, sanding down curb rash and repainting the worked on area blending in with the OEM paint is not "Refinishing a Rim"

I know better for next time..... I wouldn't reccomend the above mentioned company for "Rim Repair"
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