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Racks and safeties

I recently decided it was time to stop thinking about it, and buy an old car to use to learn about cars. I found an old e30 going cheapish so I snagged it. It seems to be in great shape except for a leaky steering rack. The previous owner mentioned the steering rack leaks, due to where it is located (the car being stored in ottawa, I live in toronto) I have only gone to play with it a couple times since purchasing it, and there is never a puddle under the car, so I think the rack would just be "sweating" (as a friend called it).

The question; Will it pass a safety if the steering rack has a minor leak/sweating? I'll make sure the fluids are topped up before taking it in. I want to know because if it wont pass for sure, I wont bother taking it in and I'll save the money for parts to do the e36 rack swap. An e36 rack swap will be done eventually anyway.

Just to check I am not completely blind/stupid (just mostly), all the local get togethers for Toronto happen just outside downtown and are all stickied to the top of this section, right? I want to see what different types of suspension feel like before buying, and I figure a get together would be the place to do that.

I tried looking around for info on what is involved in a safety but couldn't find anything detailed.

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