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Originally Posted by jon.e View Post
Lol I clearly wasn't trying to say your guys no good. But I do know someone who might have more experience. No need to bicker about who knows who. He used to work at beech. So I'm sure he is very kmowledable.
He wouldn't own his own reputable BMW shop otherwise.
I know just about every top mechanic that worked at Beach Auto since 1979 as I went to them back then. Steve Gailits rebuilt a motor for me at Beach over 30 years back. He's a good choice also but rarely mentioned here. And I know all the others from Beach who have their own shop.

By the way, I did mention that the mechanic I know has 17 years of dealership experience and was a shop foreman, you can't get much more experience than that. Plus he still has contacts at BMW if he needs any technical info on the latest cars and their service history. Would you look for a hooker with 25 years experience? After a certain number of years, experience has little to do with what service you get. What you will find is that people who don't have recent dealer experience won't know much about the cars produced in the last 5 years, and there were big advancements in the electronics of the cars after 2005 or so.
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