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Thank you for your reply.

1) I saw Frank at Mister John, very professional (knowledgeable, honest about the prices, and friendly). But they do a complete body shop kind of repairs. So they don't fix a spot here and there--they repair the whole panel. Which was too much money for what I wanted. They are also more expensive than the Procilo Brothers. Mister John quoted me $700-$800 for the rear pumper, while Dominique from the Procilo Brothers quoted me $400-$500 on the same pumper. They both do a complete panel body repairs and paint. They don't do "quick" fixes. I guess their prices reflect the quality of work they do.

2) Do you suppose the after market bumpers are really that bad? They obviously won't be OEM quality, but are they still good enough? I mean, I don't want them to fold by shear wind power! Or start cracking after one winter for no reason! Also, they come in black plastic, so I guess they have to be painted black metallic to match the car, no? (I am also considering the M-side mirrors, which probably need painting too.) What are you thoughts about this?
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