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Originally Posted by dcramer View Post
Ah, ok, so one of the things that I found important was the GPS sample rate.

Most of them do 1/second, which isn't quite enough for tracking a car. Does this GPS unit do more ?

The one I have does 10/second which is a little too much, 5/second is about right.
The Emprum UltiMate GPS add-on I bought has a 5hz update rate, wheras the iPhone internal gps is 1hz. The Ultimate also supports passing NMEA data to the app, which as I understand it makes the timing more accurate.

For more tech talk, read this:

Originally Posted by kamus View Post
So far I've just been reading my lap times off my video footage at the end of the day. From your screenshot I'm liking the speed display and lap count (assuming those will be more accurate when coupled to your external gps).. is there anything else you use the app for? And.. I'm guessing the app works by running while your phone camera is filming? Is there a way it could work using footage from a dedicated camera?
It is possible to use the app only for data acquisition. You can then output the data and overlay it onto another video. Not exactly sure how it is done, but it is possible. Probably not as easy as letting the app do it.

Another add on that you can buy is an OBDII doggle, which allows the app to overlay RMP, Trottle, Brake, Current Gear, etc.

Can't wait to try it out, there has been a update to the app with some new features.

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