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I just called them and the lady was very friendly. I am seeing them this evening. I was also advised on another thread to call Mister John and I did and the lady was VERY, VERY friendly! I am seeing them tomorrow!

(Both in Toronto)

I also called Auto Trend for mechanical work, but the man was not friendly at all and sounded more like a scammer than a mechanic! I asked him how much inspection costs, and he asked what car I was bringing in. I told him an e39 and he said, "$900-$1000!" When I explained to him it is only a check-up he said $113 because the checkup will take him an hour and he charges $113/hr. (RMP Motors charge only $80 and it takes them only 30 minutes!) He said for $900-$1000 he will change every filters, etc; buy how can he say that when he hasn't seen the filters yet? The strange thing is that the auto trend website is offering a spring special for $205, while he wanted to charge me $1000 for "changing everything!" So unprofessional. Not going to see them, and don't recommend them.

I am still looking for a mechanic along side RMP Motors. Not that RMP Motors is not good, it's just that I am seeking a second opinion before I go ahead with the maintenance.
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