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I would go that route but I don't want to go mount them just to dismount if I am not swayed by how it turns out. The other big thing is I meant to say "will be" on coilovers, because although I have them, the first free chance I'll have to install them will be next weekend, so test fitting isn't possible anyway.

In the meantime, until the last day of this month some tire retailers in Germany have really good pre-spring sales on rubber, which is therefore when I'd pickup the 215/40's if I go that route. So hopefully I can get a bit more stance aficionado insight before just choosing one and going with it.

Ironically the other set of wheels I have at home for the car ar 18x8 et 20 front, and 18x9 et 22 rear. Anything other than 35 profile and atleast a mild roll in the rear and those aren't clearing though lol. Plus they're not with me right now, so the 17's will be the summer shoes.

Thanks for the input though Trev
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