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Problems ordering headbolts

I had originally ordered a set or raceware headbolts for my m20. Waited almost a month for them and I contacted the distributor and said that for logistical reasons, can't ship them to Canada.

After a little more research, I opted for some metric blues from mcmaster-carr, since I'm not running a major boost application and my engine won't be seeing anything over 10psi.

Ordered them through the mcmaster Carr website, and same issue. They won't deliver to a non-established distributor in Canada.

I got in touch with Arek from 8-legs racing, who mentioned there may be some who have had the success in having them shipped here.

With that said, has anyone?

And before anyone suggests arp, I'm just not going for them as per the same reason I'm no longer going raceware.

Lmk if anyone has access to ordering with mcmaster Carr, and how you did it.

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