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E36 Stance: Optimal Tire Profile (Click for Wheel Dimensions)

Looking for any of the stance crazed guys opinions on whether the difference between these two tire sizes would be noteworthy in terms of stance/appeal, or if you think it's so minimal it's not worth the deliberation.

Car: E36
Wheels: 17x8 et 20 front / 17x9 et 26 rear
Tire options: 215/40 or 215/45 (all 4 corners)

I'm going for a bit of poke and stretch and am on coilovers so I can adjust ride height as I feel. Kicker is, I have a nearly new set of BFG KDW's in my basement in the 215/45 so that makes things easier and cost effective, but I'm not looking to save money at the expense of being displeased with the look/stance afterwards. 215/40s I'd be buying a new set. I won't be touching the fenders, because I know fronts will clear fine, and I'm 99% sure that the rears with et26 will just clear as well without any rolling (atleast with the 40's, 1% uncertainty is for the 45's lol).

It seems minimal going back and forth over a 40 sidewall vs. a 45, but when I look at the tires unmounted side by side it's a noticeable difference in height from one to the other. Then again, that is unmounted, so I'm not sure if the difference will be negligible in terms of look and fitment when mounted on a car.

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