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Many questions about E39 work/customizing/parts


I recently bought a 2002 Black E39 (530i), and I absolutely love it. I live in Toronto, but I don’t mind travelling anywhere in the GTA to get parts. I have few questions:

1) Do you recommend a good body shop for minor painting of some scratches, and few fixes (small dents) here and there? I am not looking for a very professional paint job of the whole car, but I am looking for a good job to be done on few spots on the car with reasonable prices. (I am definitely looking for an honest shop with excellent customer service; I don’t mind paying a bit more, e.g. 10%, if I know I am getting a good service to my car and not get hassled with dealing with the shop.)

2) I am interested in the M-tech bumpers. Do you know any shops/online stores that sell them? (For shops preferably in the GTA; for online stores preferably in Canada.)

3) I am interested in the euro armrest (I have beige interior) and euro side mirrors. Do you know any shops/online stores that sell them?

4) Do you know any scrap yards in the GTA (an hour drive is ok too), that are known to have BMWs/E39s cars for parts?

5) I am interested in the smoked red/white backlights. Do you know any shops/online stores that sell them?

Finally: for any of the parts I mentioned above, should I buy OEM parts or third party parts? (I am thinking for the bumpers it is better buying OEM parts, but for backlights it does not really matter.)

Thank you and I am looking forward to your feedback
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