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LOL. I wish I had done stuff to it, but that is rather hard when you are over 2500km away Just got back from FL yesterday afternoon, and just catching up on what I missed for the last month. I am impressed with the weather though when I got back! This is comparable to what South Carolina is currently getting!

Ordered front Konis while I was away, and I am going to pick them up tomorrow! Apart from that, no progress to report on, but if the weather stays as nice as it is, it might be a good excuse to dig out the pipe bender and get cracking on the cage.

While in FL, I did get to scope out some other 2002s that were also at the Vintage event... the three that I looked at were conveniently parked in the same row as our trailer, so I could easily compare all three, and think back to how they compare to mine, as far as layout/item placement, cage design, etc. goes.

The first car was owned by Bob Lamontange. He said he had been running the car for around 7 years or so, and seemed to be built with a ton of Ireland Engineering parts. One of the ideas on this car I liked was the huge chassis support that was welded into the engine bay. Somehow I don't have a pic of it on my phone, so heres a pic of his car from last year. Only visual differences since then are a newer set of 15" Kosei wheels. Unfortunately he had some driveline issues that sidelined him throughout the weekend.

The second car I looked at was Scott Hughes' ex-Nick Craw car (which I personally question if it is, but that's another story) and it had a very elaborate but strangely designed roll cage. I liked the paintwork on the car, as clearly somebody had spent a ton of time on it, but it looked like it had been dipped or something, because a lot of seams on the car were starting to rust. The engine bay was nicely shaved, but I don't think I would go that crazy on a racecar. I'd be scared to lay a wrench in there lol. Something that really bothered me about this car was the lack of finish in detail, as a lot of trim, lights, 'period correct' stickers, and lots of other odds and ends were missing from the car. I guess the car was just bought for the 'history', so whatever.

The last car I looked at was from a semi-local German guy named Peter Herke. His son Andre drove the car for the event, who skillfully raced it to a top 5 finish in their feature race in front of what should have been much faster cars (Camaros, 911s, 240z, etc). Peter was very eager to show me around the car in detail to was done to it... Lots of cool items on this car like the boosterless brake system, trunk mounted alternator running off one of the rear halfshafts, and the most intriguing (to me) was the adapted rear suspension from an E30. I liked the Alpina-based fenders, and the trick driveline (slide throttle, CR gearbox), but the only thing that disappointed me was the wheel choice. Knockoff wheels FTL (And yes, I am running, or planning to run knockoff wheels too, so I'll eat my shoe later... I might have to reconsider soon enough )


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