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Okay, sorry all about the delay here, I moved and just got internet tonight.... Anyhow, it's been mentioned in other threads but I thought I'd mention it here as well just so no one gets missed. At our ADS's we are offering open lapping for qualified participants on all 3 days. You get tonnes of track time because on Friday you are split up between race cars and street cars and have 45 minutes on and 45 minutes off, all day long. For this benefit, $225 tax in. On Sat and Sun, the time is different as we run 30 minute sessions BUT you get to run with the A students and the Instructor group. So there are 4 x 1/2 hour A sessions per day and 3 x 1/2 hour instructor sessions per day on the Sat/Sun. So in essence you get 7 x 1/2 hour = 3.5 hours of track time each day for sat and Sun. The cost of this is $499 tax in. If you do all 3 days thats a grand total of $724 taxes included for 10.5 hours of track time on the GP track at Mosport!! I'd say that's a lot of track time.

In regards to the Autoslaloms, the GREAT NEWS is that for the first event of the year we're hosting CASC-OR regionals. In addition SPDA will be sponsoring the event! We are anticipating an 80 car field!! Unfortunately, this will severely cut into the availability of lapping. We will still lap, but it will only be for a couple of hours. As such the price will reflect this shortened time. We have not yet determined the pricing structure as things seem to be changing on a daily basis as the season is being planned out, and then replanned etc. We will let you know as soon as we have a better idea of timing etc. Thank-you all for your patience!

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