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Originally Posted by Vrbovsky View Post
Ok so here goes.

2.7 stroker e/i build
10.5:1 compression
Schrick valve springs
Schrick 288 cams
Titanium retainers
Port and polished heads
Shorty headers on 3" exhaust
Split second mass air conversion
Custom intake manifold
8ibs flywheel
E30 m3 clutch.
Head studs
Oil scraper
7000 redline ecu

He says its sitting at about 225 crank hp.
That sounds about right, he must have some really good port work done to hit those numbers. Can you get a dyno plot? And maybe a couple pics of the motor?

Like I said this is a great deal. I'm currently building a stroker so I'm aware of what it costs to build a motor like this. For all the parts listed above it's an easy $2k (Just the cam, springs and retainers alone will cost about $1k). And for all the parts not listed to rebuild the motor (seals, gaskets, bearings, etc) you're spending another $800-$1000. Take into consideration that there's easily another $600 in machine shop work + the time to assemble the motor and you can see that if you were to pay someone to build a motor like this it would cost you in the range of $4000-$5000.

If I hadn't already spent a bunch of money on my stroker project I'd be all over this.

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