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so i spent a little time on the itbs today after work. so i removed the vac lines, the injectors, and the secondary butterflies that were controled via electric motor.

i was able to separate them and this is how they line up.....

it looks like i can just get some silicone tube and mount them just like that.. but im going to look for some aluminum tube with a 45deg to weld to the manifold so the itbs will sit like this but lower and closer to the lower intake manifold...

now since there is quite a gap between the 2 units im going to make make a bracket to keep them spaced correctly. also you will see that i will have to fab an extention between the 2 units so the butterflies will be as one again.

well thats all for now...

next im going to take some measurements.. find some pipe... make that plate.. and jb weld all the exposed holes.

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