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Originally Posted by 1bmw1 View Post
We can speculate, point fingers, and make these little videos all day long, but the truth of the matter is that you will never really know what is going on behind closed doors.
Exactly!... This was exactly the reason why I didn’t jump the gun and crucify these guys when everyone was talking about how they spent their money in the wrong places. Some of the other arguments might have a little more merit, but I still don’t see enough evidence to suggest that these guys were in on some sort of US plan to go for Ugandan oil. At best they were an opportunity nudged in the ‘right direction’ at the right time by a few opportunistic people in governement.

I love how people are so quick to pull the trigger when someone looks like they are trying to do something good. Like everyone believes its impossible for someone to have a good intention with a flawed design (which is arguable anyway because their main goal was to raise awarness to invoke action, not donate food and clothing like other organizations, although some money was used for that).

But no one seems to question the backlash with the same level of skepticism.

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