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Mtec just kicked in yo!
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$3K? THATS A RIP OFF!!!!!!!!!!! i got minf for $1k and in working condition. its not the relay affecting the wiper the wiper linkage itself is broken so the passenger side arm wiggles lol. as far as etest goes im not too worried. its just safety. its not like the car is gonna fall apart or anything i just need the to fix the wiper issue and probably clean out the tvalve for the spray. the rest is stuff like tires which aren't bald, i would say 50% thread left. im planning to go to states this fall and get a new set. dont have enough cash to drop for a new set at the moment. as far as m50 swap goes im considering doing that once the m42 dies out (hopefully not anytime soon), but certainly on my list of mods. later during this year ill be getting the dj auto headlights with hid and hopefully a set of 15 inch style 5s if i can find them cheap.
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