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too bad you don't have an E30... I've got that part, and its not too hard to get to and replace... my wipers act funny too sometimes... but I think its the relay...if I play around with it and turn them on and off again, it will eventually start working...

And also fortunate I have an '87... no etest but I did do my due dillegence and replaced the cat, muffler, charcoal canister, fuel pumps and gas tank... theres no reason for it to fail an etest at this point... check A&L, I saw a smashed up E36 there, I asked how much for the whole car, but they wanted 3000k for a smashed up one... thought it was a rip off... I can get a working one for 1k,...

anyhow,... sometimes its just worth buying parts cars if you have the room for them... consider maybe an M50 swap in the future... it will really wake that car up...
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