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Damn, how did I miss that radar detector!??

Add weight stage 2 is this:

Euro E30 M3 EvoII 15L long distance fuel cell. Should be a straight forward install, although I'm predicting problems with the filler neck being slightly too long, but I think there should be room for play without having to section it. You can see how its just a simple gravity feed. The filler neck just has a "Y" in it to redirect fuel into the tank in the trunk. I've got the gasket and all the bits to put it in, all I need to do is weld some mounting tabs in the trunk, run the vent tube back to the overflow tank, drill a hole in the bottom of the trunk for the filler tube, and install the filler neck. All other fuel lines in the rear wheel arch are only a couple of years old, so I'm not anticipating any funny business. There's a thread somewhere in here about how it weighs a lot and I shouldn't do it, but what do I care?! I added a second trunk light too, which has already slowed me down too much.

Here's the ugly beast! :

Cleaned up with pressure washer:

What it'll look like when it's done:


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