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Originally Posted by T.Dot_E30 View Post
Look into BC racing if you want something cheaper but still good quality. Few guys on m3forum have good things to say about them.
yeah my friend actually bought a set for his honda SI last week and is convincing me to buy them. I was leaning towards them as well, but not sure how well it will stand salt and snow even after rust proof. Im skeptical on that.

(i know many are going to say... why are you using coils during winter!? its because my current stock ones are broken and I have no intension on buying two sets of suspension and if the ones I have rusts later down the road even after rust proofing every other month or so then I will just buy new ones again)

^^ sorry about that just had to explain why
I know the KW is INOX stainless steel and the BC racing im not sure if it will last...
thats my only concern
if anyone can chime in on this it would be much appreciated thank you
Nipuna P
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