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Coast to coast dealer services, worth it?


I am interested in buying a 2002 530i, which looks like it has been taken care of (everything works except the cup holders are broken). And I am taking it this Friday to a car shop to have it checked before buying it. I asked the dealer about warranty and he mentioned coast to coast dealer services, which offers 3.5 years of power train warranty for $700 and it covers up to $2,500 per claim, for unlimited number of claims and kms. But after googling them I read few complaints. Of course, no company is perfect and it could be the users' fault, but from their complaints it seems like coast to coast is just another scam. (The fine prints say, if the driver does not check the timing belt every 4 months then their warranty is voided!!!)

Does anybody have experience with buying warranty from coast to coast. Do you recommend it or not? Do you recommend any third-party warranty? What are you thoughts in general about this topic of buying warranty?
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