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Originally Posted by BimmerboyPH View Post
Like I get that they are going for smaller boosted engines to improve efficency, but someone can feel free to correct me if I'm wrong here, but BMW made its name with legendary n/a straight six engines, mated to manual transmissions and rwd. They where drivers cars!! Nowadays they seem to only be interested in profits and not they're heritage.

As a result I have noticed a huge dive in there quality! I can see BMW ending up where Mercedes did a few years back. They had a terrible reputation but they have since made a come back and look at them now!!! BMW's heading for the same thing. They are turning there back on there heritage, there trademarks!! No more n/a straight 6's, no more m3??? WTF!!! Instead they are coming out with stupid cars like the 5 series gt. Only time will tell, but ones things for sure, I doubt I'll be buying a new BMW anytime soon if ever again. I hope I'm wrong. And I'm sure many of you will disagree and tear me to pieces now, so go ahead.
I can understand your point with N/A straight 6's, but to stay with ahead of the competition and maintain their lead, they can not go with n/a straight 6's like they used too. To keep ahead of their competition they need to introduce some kind of forced induction into the power-plant.

I don't see BMW having lost any edge in quality. They did not have any specific partnership like Mercedes did with Chrysler that resulted in lower quality Benz'.

I find that BMW is still maintaining their heritage. I still consider them to be the best damn car in its class. I test-drove a 328i last week and I was blown away by the ride, quality, performance and everything. However, I am waiting for the 4-series coupe to come out. :-)

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