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Originally Posted by BimmerboyPH View Post
I dont like the fact that they are going to call it a 4 series! That means the M3 is dead, the best sports sedan in the world, is dead!!!! WTF BMW?? honestly who is doing there marketing and coming up with these stupid ideas.
I actually had a rant about that at the bottom of my OP but it got edited out before this thread was 'approved' by the mods.

I was speculating on what niche this car is supposed to fill. Is this car supposed to be for people who think the 3 series coupe is too small but don't like the number 6? Because this is only slightly smaller than the current 6 series. I went on to point out that there is most likely going to be a 4 series GT as well as an X4 now. And finally I said that all BMW has to do now is make a slightly larger 1 series coupe and call it the 2 series, usher in the X2, and bring back the 8 series with a sedan version, but make a slightly larger coupe version and call it the 9 series.

Can I haz job at BMW now?
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