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Originally Posted by oakville46 View Post
I've used autopartsway and bimmer specialist before - great to deal with and fast shipping. Bimmer specialist ships out of their Quebec warehouse.
Autopartsway is much faster getting you the parts than bimmerspecialist, but bimmerspecialist has a wider selection of parts and better prices on a lot of parts. Part of the reason for that is they pull a lot of parts from the US (I think they are based out of the US because they use the exact same part search structure as RMEuropean). For that reason shipping is usually longer. The other downside is that there's no free shipping with bimmerspecialist but if you're ordering enough stuff it pays for itself. Example: a piston ring set I need for my engine rebuild is $193 on autopartsway vs $170 on bimmerspecialist. That price difference is almost the cost of shipping alone.
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