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Originally Posted by DIY View Post
Baller! I can't wait to hear this scream!
If your gonna get new rockers why not new springs too? Then some 9000 RPM fun
I am getting new springs, but just oem ones, not upgraded ones. I ended up buying a Schrick 284/272 cam and although upgraded springs are recommended I've seen the same cam used on stock springs go up to 7500rpm. I'm not really interested (at least not yet ) in going over 7000rpm since the stock tach only goes up to 7000rpm and without some port work and itbs the head most likely won't flow enough to be useful past that rpm anyway.

Originally Posted by BMe30 View Post
Nice! I was looking for something like that to go over velocity stacks.. But couldnt find a good source for stacks with a bug screen
Yeah I was thinking about that the other day too, I'd want a few sets of stacks with different lengths and then try each on the dyno but they can be expensive. I was thinking about making my own, put some thin walled stainless tube on a lathe and use some sort of mandrel to flare it out then roll the edge. As I said that's going to be a whole other project....

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