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Originally Posted by careless7 View Post
Deal we have an instant renter! Got my eye on a couple properties, amazing what you can get for $500-$600K in the Hills off Sunset Blvd these days.

Pre-2008 fuhgetaboutit!
I know man! i LOL everytime I hear of someone spending $500K for a house in Toronto, and then I

That money gets you very decent large properties in LA, or HUGE properties in Texas ( tho, ew, texas) , etc

Here, its a 1600sqft house in Toronto " The greatest city in the world" , yeah no.

Ps, the recent increase in prices for everything is UPSURD. I went to get my car , took the Go bus and the fare jumped from 6.45 to 7.30... are you srs? Thats already more then I would pay in GAS. Went to the coin op, was 3.75 which went up from 3.00 to now 4.00!!!! WTF, what great luxuries are we getting for this crazy inflation this month?
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