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I went to Olivers and the guy is a Shiester. He will low ball you and then if you walk away all of a sudden the price changes and doubles. Why would you want to deal with a dude like that. I don't call that fair or ethical in any regard. Yes, loose jewelery is harder to unload because they are specialty items and only desired by a few. Unless you have some exquisite high end stuff you won't get much for it no matter where you go relatively speaking. Even pawn shops are refusing to take stuff in now and are becoming extremely selective. if they are paying out, and not selling anything then their money is tied up. Sure, then make a killing on interest - but that is how they make money- but they also get stuck with your item. when people are in need of money, jewelery isn't much good. People who need money, aren't going to be buying jewelery from the shop.

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