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right up my alley.

I work for the Royal Canadian Mint...we refine and produce the purest/finnest gold available in the world at 99.999% pure.

we don't buy gold from the general public, yet depending on the amount you have your best bet would be to deal with a reputable dealer.

Gold for the purposes of investing:
Border Gold @ 1-888-312-2288 (
Dillon Gage (broker) 1-800-375-4653 (

if you're looking to have your gold refined for the purposes of selling these two recomendations will be able to help you out.

Also, do look (1-877-775-4826) lots of very good info here aswell.

You can sell you gold with Kitco however at a premium, yet capitalize on a solid return.

do NOT waste your time with pawnshops/jewelers etc...

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