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Color change is back on the table. After seeing some great examples of fresh paint at OctaneArt, I realized how much I hate my paint currently. I love grey, but either the Polaris itself or the job that was done on my car previously doesn't tickle my fancy. There's runs on the body and the color is just flat and boring.

So I'm going to go with another grey / silver for the bay now, with the intention of getting the rest of the body color done next fall (I need another project lined up anyways). There's a lot more visual ... "refreshments" that I'd like to do next winter at the same time.

I'm pretty much set on Lachssilber, because it's beautiful and Sooo close to Polaris that it wont look hideous this year mismatched. Other contenders are sterling silver, delphin grey and some Audi colors (which are generally a bit darker)

Will post some Lachssilber pix for encouragement for myself. Bottom line -- what's the point of doing all this work and hating the color?!

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