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Originally Posted by Discostar View Post
The third wire is cause your mirrors are heated. Some of them came like that. Just use the other two wires.
Okay, well the mirrors have 3 wires a green white a yellow , but I don't remember if they r heated, don't think they r... And I still haven't popped the cover to see how many wires my car has, can u confirm a 1994 325i has 3 wires? My 320i sedan had either 2 or 4 I forget but it was different than the mirrors, got the up n down to work tho lol... For the fitment part of the install I checked forums n learned that I have to sand down the 3 pegs otherwise the mirrors will stick out an not look flush.. I gotta hit up ct n get wire connector thingys an sand paper I'm gonna put them on tomoro I figure if I play with the 3 wires I'll find a combination eventually lol
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