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Originally Posted by El Gato Liso View Post
the passenger mount is on correctly, so no sweat there. like i said it looks upside down but isnt lol

that hole is probably e36 related, i just pretended that it wasn't there. s'long as you got the 4 bolts in your gravy.

by the way, i noticed you put the PS reservoir on the driver side mount arm...i think you should leave that open for a ground wire. i found 1 ground wire did not cut it for me, so i used 2 and it works great.

ps: what suspension are you running again?
Ive thought about relocating the PS res, I know lots of other people do because its pretty low down on the motor mount. I didn't want to do it because I'm going for the shaved bay look, and want to delete anything that doesnt need to hang off somewhere high up.

As for the ground, your swap didnt work with the one motor mount and one cylinder head (those are the only two engine grounds right?) If I need another one maybe I'll use that spare mystery hole on the other motor mount.

Suspension is Koni Yellows (SAs) from Late Model with IE3 springs. Also e90 drop hats and no spring pads in the front, to try and give a nice rake look. Need camber plates and rear upper mounts at some point soon.

Originally Posted by Bullet Ride View Post
Yeah that shot puts it in perspective better, looks right from that angle. That S52 definitely has a deep sump.
...and that turtle pool is wicked.
Lmao its a sandbox. Pretty awesome for sure -- unless you spill it all over

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