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FS: $1600 e36 328is with full m3 suspension plus brakes

Hello there, I am about to pick up an e46 so I'm getting rid of my e36. This car is offered AS IS, with a conditional Etest.*

Price: $1600
Year: 1997 (E36)
Model: 328iS
350,000 km

Engine runs fine.
Transmission shifts fine, some play in the shifter bushings.
Cracked grease boot on the rear passanger CV joint
Guibo and centre support bearing may need replacing, some play (may have a CSB you can have)

M3 Suspension (no LSD, came off M3 with 120,000kms: shocks and springs are good) "Very tight suspension, no play in any bushings or mounts or anything"

Ground Control Adjustable control arms in the rear (Can achieve ridiculous negative camber in the rear but current sitting almost neutral)
New Meyle complete tie rods (steering column/rack has some play somewhere)

M3 Brakes (calipers are good with one new ATE
TRW pads (have some wear)

OEM Clutch (was replaced at 250,000km from BMW Waterloo)
Original Flywheel
New Starter
New Alternator (upgraded to 140 amp)

HID Kit (5500k) (headlight housings are foggy)

The car has a data logging interface installed Zeitronix I don't remeber the model but I've got it set up to output and save air/fuel ratio, throttle position, air intake temperature, and something else that i don't remeber because i did it as a fun project in case i would ever turbo or SC the car but it never happened.

17" BMW Steel Rims
Winter Tires (Michelin on the rear, Sava on the front)

Comes with:
DS 2 17" (not sure of their condition)
New General Exclaim UHP in front
Bald General Exclaim UHP in rear

Some rust issues
Body is "tired"

Black and Tan ccomombo interior
Drivers seat rip
Steering wheel is faded
18 button OBC conversion with stalk (no dead pixels, but one bulb out, comes with replacement bulb)
JVC Headunit (bluetooth and iPod enabled)
RCA cables ran into the trunk
NO amp (will need to be plugged into RCA cables and grounded and speakers plugged in)
Regular speaker package (non-Harmon Kardon)

The exhaust has two single wall pipes coming off the headers (stock connectors so that the whole exhaust can go back to stock). Half way under the car, there is an x-pipe joining the two pipes with an O2 bung welded in for the data logging interface (using a Bosch O2 Sensor), and then splits back out in two separate pipes to head into a high flow magnaflow catalytic converter (its toast) and finish off at the back with a good condition but in need of a polish e36 M3 muffler again mounted with stock clamps and gaskets to my piping so that its bolt on bolt off.

*Having said that the emission test is a conditional because of the high flow cat they gave me the conditional for two years. If you pick up the stock pipes with catalytic converters you should pass.

That is all I can think of, regarding this car right now. I will post some photos later so you can see more if the car. Please don't hesitate to ask me any questions you may have.

I can be contacted directly on my cellphone at (emails come to my phone)
Good discounts on all OEM and good quality aftermarket BMW parts. 519-498-9660.

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