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Originally Posted by EMPOWERD View Post
I picked up a BlackVue 400HD for my daily driver... I avoid too many accidents and one of these days... Let's just say I want indisputable proof. Camera works awesome, but too wide an angle for track use IMO. I've got a GoPro for the track and not crazy about it, but the new version 2 seems better with optional accessories. Consider the Innovative Drift HD camera, it comes with a remote control and has a small screen on it to review/edit footage. Here's a pic of the BlackVue computer interface for footage...
The blackvue looks nice! Does the camera turn on when it senses the ignition on, or do you have to plug it in each time?

Do you guys know if the Gopro has a cigarette lighter adaptor for power or does it only rely on battery life? Just asking because i don't really want to be bringing in my camera home each time to charge.
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