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Originally Posted by BK1987 View Post
I was looking up the Zonda R at the Auto Show on the web and came across this thread and thought I'd sign up to talk about it. I also own a BMW so I guess it also makes sense to sign up.

I thought it was pretty ridiculous how they let people so close to the Zonda. A lot of people were touching it and there is the opportunity for it to get damaged. When the kid dropped his iPhone did it scratch or dent the car? I doubt he was the first and last one to do something like that.

Also the Bugatti people were very snobby (as to be expected I guess).
Surprisingly I didn't see the phone do any damage BUT it appears asthough the car had plenty of "scuffs" already. It is clear a tracked car or a often touched car lol The carbon seemed to be very strong in terms of someone cracking it via a dropped phone. But yes, lots of DNA on that car.
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