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Originally Posted by Blackedout95 View Post
Saw it Monday, very nice indeed. Found it funny how people were touching a $2M track car that showed track wear which is fine tbh yet the Veyron was untouchable lol The jerk behind the stand did more talking to the model and peeved me off when he told a 10 yr old kid to get his hands of the glass surround when drooling at the veyron. I was gonna say something but the kids mom told the guy right off.

While looking at the Zonda a kid literally dropped his iphone on the car while trying to take an int. pic, no one flinched and it was PACKED in there.

btw who saw the barn fresh $700k-$1.2M white merc in the corner Sweet car, big price.

Tickets were cheaper for early bird and $15 if you had caa and printed them off the net.
I was looking up the Zonda R at the Auto Show on the web and came across this thread and thought I'd sign up to talk about it. I also own a BMW so I guess it also makes sense to sign up.

I thought it was pretty ridiculous how they let people so close to the Zonda. A lot of people were touching it and there is the opportunity for it to get damaged. When the kid dropped his iPhone did it scratch or dent the car? I doubt he was the first and last one to do something like that.

Also the Bugatti people were very snobby (as to be expected I guess).

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