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I'm going to start by answering a few questions that I've received over the last week..

Question; Does the carbon fibre 3M vinyl REALLY resemble carbon, or will it look cheesy for interior trim?

Answer; A lot of people ask me to cover their interior trim with carbon fibre vinyl – had this been 2 years ago when Di-Noc was the craze, I would have frowned upon the idea, but nowadays its virtually impossible to tell the difference.. One of the biggest issues with Di-noc is that it required a catalyst / adhesive spray to adhere to heavy curvatures, often ruining the piece underneath - this is no longer the case with 3m's new product line!

If you know about our company’s background, we have been dealing with composites for some 30 odd years, and so we’ve had our fair share of interaction with the “real-deal”. But when it comes down to vinyl, 3M has definitely got something going..

This picture speaks for itself. Of course understand that under different light conditions you will notice a bit of variation, but for the price, you simply can’t go wrong!

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