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Montreal Vinyl Wrapping - Photos and information

Hello everyone,

I decided to make a dedicated thread detailing my vinyl wrapping work with, but not limited to, BMW's in the Montreal area.

I'll be posting photos in regards to FAQ I receive such as information pertaining to vinyl's weathering capabilities, the different colours and varieties of vinyl available to the automotive market and of course, photos of customers cars that I deal with!

So if you're in the Montreal, Ottawa area and are interested in some Vinyl wrap for your chrome trim, interior trim, or full car, please don't hesitate to contact me! I'll also post your photos (at your discretion) on the forum as well as my website for customers to see!

For more information and customer photos, check out my website -

Check back soon to see our featured photos of a fully wrapped E92, C2S and C63 Photos to come!

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