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Originally Posted by DIY View Post
Ah HA! Clever, very clever ... I must of spent 30min looking for a steering column pic like that lol!! Is that the plan for that turbo car? Seems like you got some good thought in this
If I'm being honest, I though about using one back in 2010 when my brother was on the Baja car team @ UW and I saw they were using one on their car. However, I never really gave much thought about how to do it until you posted this thread. I know I started off by saying "The way I was thinking of doing it was..." but in reality I cocktail napkin-ed (if I can say that lol) that concept as I wrote the that post.

I just looked at the steering column diagram on realOEM and then searched google images for "bmw e30 steering column" (that picture should be in like the top 10 results) and "female spline coupler".

If I'm going to try it on a car, it will probably be the turbo heap because it's currently not my DD...and it's a heap lol. But like I said that's just a rough concept that I came up with in a few minutes, until I take a closer look at the actual steering column assembly I won't know how feasible it is.
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